The Leiden Table and Bowl

This table was commissioned to replace an existing piece that was failing in both construction and utility. The kitchen table they had been living with for years was beginning to rock back and forth a bit too much, but it was also too small to be useful when their family of 5 all attempted to sit around it. Read more…

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McIntyre Kitchen Island

McIntyre Island Main
It’s always fun for me to have a piece commissioned by an individual who appreciates fine lumber as much as I do. That was the case with this piece, as the customer took so much interest in the material selection that he joined me on a trip to the saw mill to scout out some possibilities. Read more…

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The Jenga Desk

Jenga Desk Main
When the design for this desk first started taking shape, the game Jenga was not what I had in mind. After hearing from every single person who has seen this piece that that is precisely what the legs remind them of, however, I’ve given up fighting it and named the piece accordingly. Read more…

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The Golden Witch Table

Golden Witch Main

Now, before any readers become concerned that the name of this table in any way reflects my feelings for the woman of this house, allow me to put your fears at ease. Golden Witch is the name of this customer’s bamboo fly fishing rod making business and his wife is a very sweet woman whom I like very much. Read more…

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Highland Table

Highland Table Main

Being a furniture maker, I enjoy the opportunity to work with what I believe to be one of the most incredible natural substances in all of creation: wood. I consider it an awesome responsibility to recognize the beauty and diversity of trees from all over the world and then figure out a way to design a piece which highlights those characteristics. Read more…

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The Godparents’ Table

Godparents Main
When some very close friends (the godparents of our beautiful daughter, as a matter of fact) of ours mentioned they were shopping for a dining table, my ears obviously perked up. They had been looking in mass-production furniture stores and couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for. Read more…

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