Black Walnut

Kara’s Bench

Karas Bench Main

I suppose that because this beautiful piece came out of it, I can say that sometimes spousal nagging is a good thing. When my wife asked/nagged me to make her a bench under which she could store her shoes, this may not have been what she had in mind. Read more…

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The Jenga Desk

Jenga Desk Main
When the design for this desk first started taking shape, the game Jenga was not what I had in mind. After hearing from every single person who has seen this piece that that is precisely what the legs remind them of, however, I’ve given up fighting it and named the piece accordingly. Read more…

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Highland Display Box

Display Box Main
After the completion of the Highland Table, I was commissioned by my church to make one more special piece. This time, a display box was needed to house a book which contained the names of all the families and individuals who donated money toward the new building’s construction.
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