Honduran Mahogany

The Leiden Table and Bowl

This table was commissioned to replace an existing piece that was failing in both construction and utility. The kitchen table they had been living with for years was beginning to rock back and forth a bit too much, but it was also too small to be useful when their family of 5 all attempted to sit around it. Read more…

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The Davis Door

Davis Door Main

Every now and then, a job so unique comes along that it really doesn’t fit into any existing category of projects that I have done thus far in my career.  This front entry door certainly falls into that grouping.

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Highland Table

Highland Table Main

Being a furniture maker, I enjoy the opportunity to work with what I believe to be one of the most incredible natural substances in all of creation: wood. I consider it an awesome responsibility to recognize the beauty and diversity of trees from all over the world and then figure out a way to design a piece which highlights those characteristics. Read more…

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Gooding Chest of Drawers #2

Gooding COD2 Main
This piece was commissioned following the completion of the accompanying bed and Gooding Chest of Drawers #1, when a wedding required a matching chest that was large enough to house the clothing needs of the customer’s new wife. Read more…

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