Secret Compartment

Rowe Mantel

Rowe Mantle

It’s no secret that a well-designed mantel can instantly become a centerpiece of any living space. After all, what family hasn’t gathered around the fireplace at some point to snap that coveted perfect family picture that will be passed around for years to come? Read more…

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The Bubb Bed

Bubb Bed Main
Normally, a customer contacts me directly and we work together on designs until I come up with something that fulfills their needs and desires. This time, however, I was contacted by a talented and friendly designer here in Lancaster city who had been commissioned by his customers to draw up a bed for their new home. Read more…

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Gooding Chest of Drawers #2

Gooding COD2 Main
This piece was commissioned following the completion of the accompanying bed and Gooding Chest of Drawers #1, when a wedding required a matching chest that was large enough to house the clothing needs of the customer’s new wife. Read more…

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