Throughout this website, you’ll find stories relating to each and every one of the pieces I’ve made for my wonderful customers. For me, the story of a piece is in its creation; its birth from woodpile to finished product and the reaction it receives once it is delivered into waiting hands. For the individuals that commission these pieces, however, the story doesn’t end there. In fact, for them it is just beginning. Their story is of the excitement in having the piece in their home, of using it every day, of envisioning later generations adoring it for years to come. Below you’ll find a few thoughts that some of my customers were kind enough to jot down which describe their joy in going through this very special process. It is, quite simply, the joy of custom furniture…

McIntyre Island 3

“I contacted Jesse about a breakfast bar, and when he brought the piece to my house and installed it, I was so happy that we started talking about the island I had been shopping in stores and online for. When Jesse delivered my island, I knew I had made the right choice. The quality of construction and craftsmanship are unsurpassed, but the joy is in the “glow” that emanates from this piece as sunlight streams in my kitchen. I know it could not be bought in any store and it will remain when my grandson passes it down to his grandchildren.”

Jungle Gym 2

“This bunk bed is the sturdiest we have ever seen. Even our rambunctious monkeys won’t be able to do damage to it, and that’s saying a lot. The look is just what we were after: function first, heavy planks, sturdy connections, and the color is spot on. Nothing about the look says “little kid,” so these beds, when taken apart, will go off to college in a decade. I suspect, since they’re never going to wear out, that they’ll wind up in a guest room or even bunking our grandkids in the (distant) future.”

Golden Witch Main

“Jesse makes rock solid furniture that reaches the epitome of heirloom quality function, and he masters this highest achievement with such grace of design and so much honor paid to the natural beauty of the wood, that you must intentionally stop savoring the sublime visual appeal and recognize that the piece before you also serves a utilitarian duty. Understand that this investment in your home and life will cause you perpetual conflict as you struggle between the pleasures of use and the urge toward preserving your O’Hara furniture unmarred for decades to come.”

Gooding COD2 2

“After the design is chosen, Jesse is able to craft furniture that is artful, but amazingly functional. While his attention to detail makes you want to display the piece, the solid construction with which it is built lets you know it can be used for generations to come.”

Godparents 3

“I would unequivocally recommend Jesse to anyone looking to have custom furniture made.”

Display Box 1

“Jesse was a delight to work with when designing the Donor Box for our church. We wanted the box to be simple but elegant, as well as to be able to blend in with various types of furniture throughout our Narthex. Jesse was given some ideas to work with and created a design that exceeded our expectations. His workmanship is top-notch and he completed the project on-time and within budget. His beautiful work is displayed in the church and frequent comments are made about the uniqueness of the design, the quality of the workmanship, and the wood used for the piece.”