The Bubb Bed

Bubb Bed Main
Normally, a customer contacts me directly and we work together on designs until I come up with something that fulfills their needs and desires. This time, however, I was contacted by a talented and friendly designer here in Lancaster city who had been commissioned by his customers to draw up a bed for their new home. Read more…

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Gooding Chest of Drawers #2

Gooding COD2 Main
This piece was commissioned following the completion of the accompanying bed and Gooding Chest of Drawers #1, when a wedding required a matching chest that was large enough to house the clothing needs of the customer’s new wife. Read more…

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Happy Hour Tap Handle

Every now and again, someone asks me to do a little project that is fairly painless but turns out to be quite eye catching. That was the case with this kegerator tap handle that a customer commissioned for use during a weekly “Happy Hour” gathering at their house for friends and family. Read more…

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The Godparents’ Table

Godparents Main
When some very close friends (the godparents of our beautiful daughter, as a matter of fact) of ours mentioned they were shopping for a dining table, my ears obviously perked up. They had been looking in mass-production furniture stores and couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for. Read more…

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